Mobile Parenting

When it comes to your children, sometimes you need that extra reassurance that they are safe.

What can ParentWise™ do for You?

Mobile Devices have become a part of everyday life. Parents and Children alike, never leave home without their Phones. ParentWise is a software parenting tool that proactively helps parents keep pace with the ever-expanding ways children are using their mobile devices.

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Know you child's current location

The ParentWise platform provides automated and customizable real-time ALERTING relative to your Child's Location at all times, device Usage activity, and daily Communications.

Today's Parents are busy and don't have the time to dig into all the details of what their children are doing on their smartphone. However, everything stops when their child is in need or in an unsafe situation. The ParentWise Software simply allows Parents to be ALERTED when that time arises.

Protect your child's Privacy

Maintain a respecting and trusting relationship

Unlike smartphone monitoring systems out there that may be too invasive and time consuming for Parents, ParentWise has built a more Proactive ALERTING Software Platform where Parents can Customize ALERTS based on their unique style of parenting.

ParentWise does not invade privacy. Our NO CONTENT GUARANTEE offers both Parents and Children the peace of mind in knowing we do not capture detailed items such as Pictures, Posts, Web Search History, or actual words used in Text Messages.

Robust Dashboard Interface

Snapshot of your child's phone activity

ParentWise has designed an extremely robust platform of ALERTING capability, accompanied by a dashboard interface viewable by desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The dashboard provides general information regarding Location, Usage, and Communications. It is simple to navigate, and Parents can drill down within each of these categories to access more detailed information.

ParentWise was engineered to have the ability to automatically generate ALERTS in real-time using SMS Text messaging that provides critical information to the Parent without breaching your Child's privacy.

How it Works

Walk through a typical day using ParentWise

Receive customizable daily alerts for when your child leaves the house, texts someone they're not supposed to, installs an objectionable app, exceeds the speed limit, when they use their phone after hours, and many more scenarios. These alerts help you stay in touch with your child's activity without invading their privacy.

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